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When it comes to the open road, we get it even if you bank doesn’t. We know which lenders will provide you with a great deal on motorcycle finance and not the run-around. Not all banks and even the non-bank lenders offer motorcycle finance and that is where we come in. Because we are in touch with all of our lenders week in, week out, we know which lenders and which products are going to get you on the road to approval, as well as a great rate. Let our team of finance experts give you all the help you need to get the handlebars in your hands sooner.

Why Choose The Finance Guys For Motorbike Finance

Types of Bikes

From touring bikes to street bikes to dirt bikes and even quad bikes, we can finance your new wheels. We offer finance solutions on all makes and models of motorbikes from high end luxury to simple bikes to speed you through the commute.

Private or Dealer

Regardless of whether you are purchasing through a private sale or a motorcycle dealer, we can provide finance on your new motorbike. Even if you are going through a dealer, does not mean you need to accept their finance contract. The dealer may have only one one-size-fits-all loan product on offer, whereas we can select the right finance and structure it to suit your budget and your lifestyle.

Secured Loans

A secured loan simply means that the motorcycle is used as collateral against the loan. The benefit of a secured loan is that in many cases the lender can offer a lower interest rate. Let us structure a secured motorcycle loan with low rate and affordable repayments.

Personal Loans

A personal loan is an unsecured loan, meaning that your motorcycle is not tied to the lender as security.  We work with a number of lenders that offer personal loans that can be used to fund your next bike. Let us get you a great deal today.

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