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We make purchasing a car easy. Our expert team will guide you every step of the way. Choose from fixed or variable rate loans, car leases including novated leases and even low doc loans too. Whatever your choice, we work hard to find the lowest rate possible for you.

Don’t be limited to your bank or a car dealer. Using The Finance Guys means getting the best fit from our huge range of finance products, from a large variety of lenders. This means you will end up with not only the best rate, but also repayment terms and other features that match your needs.

The Right Car Finance for You

Allow us to find a car loan or lease that suits your budget and your lifestyle from our huge range of car finance products.

Secured & Unsecured Car Loans

Car loans enable you to buy the car outright. The car is legally yours to hold on to for as long as you like. So a car loan is a great option for anyone wanting to keep their car well into the foreseeable future, or anyone wanting the flexibility to sell their car on the open market whenever they are ready. We offer car loans from a huge range of finance products, from banks and non-bank institutions. We can help you find the ideal rate, repayment terms and decide on a fixed rate car loan or variable rate car loan. Contact us today.

Commercial Car Finance

We offer commercial loans and leases for fleet cars, vans, trucks and utes. Whether you need a single van for your trades business or a fleet of sedans for your sales team, we can help structure a solution that works for your business. Get started by calling our commercial finance specialists today.

Low Doc / No Doc Loans

Finance with minimal or no documentation is easy with The Finance Guys. Our team know how to get you approved and get you a fair deal. This style of car finance suits self employed and anyone who may have been told that they don’t have sufficient pay slips. Get a great deal even on a low doc or no doc loan. Contact us today.

Novated Car Leases

A lease gives you the use of a new car and enables you to expense your payments. At the end of the lease you simply hand back the car and upgrade to a new vehicle or pay out the residual balloon payment to keep the existing vehicle. A lease is a great option for anyone wanting to upgrade their car regularly, and can allow employees to save on your PAYG tax. We can tailor a novated lease to your needs, and get a great rate. Contact us today.

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